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2016 Mo. deer hunt

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#1 BigO

Posted 23 November 2016 - 12:50 PM

Not sure what happened to the thread I started in Oct of the big bucks on my cams in Mo.  Regardless, I came up empty.  My oldest son (Scott) shot a 130", but lost the blood trail, after 200 yds.  My youngest son (Garrett) and his buddy, went up bow hunting during the last of Oct, but came back empty.  The buddy stuck a good 120" but could not find it.  BUNCH of pics, but 95% at night.  Most of what was seen while hunting was not shooters.  I had some less than ideal chances to shoot, (at dark with 40 mph gust rocking the tree, off handed) at some 'border-line' shooter, but I passed them. 






This is probably the 2nd best we had on cams.  He came within 30yds of my stand at mid morning, while I hunted somewhere else that day.  Below is a better pic of him a few weeks earlier.  I figure he is close to 160 with only 8pt.







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