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#11 Scott_

Posted 16 February 2016 - 03:48 PM

yall think State is behind some of  this or just rooting it on????????


Just to be clear - I don't think they are behind any allegations nor have they aided the NCAA's investigation or anything of the sort. Have tried not to imply/insinuate anything of the sort.


But there are State admin people that are suspected of being a part of this propaganda that is being put out there in some media sectors and social media. Anyone catch that a couple of weeks ago from the State SID guy where he admitted steering some media members in the direction they wanted info steered? This was on Twitter where the guy from MSU jumped on a member of the media for something he reported. The media member was FootballScoop or something similar. I forget the guys name but the FballScoop guy reports on coaching moves and changes in college football. MSU SID guy got upset with FootballScoop reporting on an MSU assistant coach going elsewhere. The whole exchange was ridiculous! MSU SID guy exposed himself bigtime!


It is also highly suspected that someone with MSU ties in the NCAA offices in Indianapolis are the leak sources for Rosebowl and C34 on the NOA letter to Ole Miss. Rosebowl knew some of the specific allegations that were in the letter. He revealed that even before he filed the FOIA request to get the letter and other info from Ole Miss athletic officials. They gave him some of the investigation info but didn't turn over the actual NOA. 

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