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Hunting Club seeking members

Jun 20 2014 05:03 PM | Guest in Articles

We have a few memberships available for our 13,000 acre hunting club in Meridian, Miss. This is a family oriented hunting club. We keep membership to a maximum of 40 members. Dues are $2,995 per year. Please visit our website and if interested give us a call. All club rules are on the website to answer all your questions. Visit: Interstatehuntingranch.com

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Bargain Rifles: 5 Great Bolt Action Deer Guns

Apr 24 2014 09:14 PM | Admin in Articles

Forget Christmas: The time to splurge on a new gun is before opening day. Any of these five bolt-action rifles would make a good companion in deer camp, no matter your budget.

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Shooting Tips: 8 Keys to Hit More Coyotes

Apr 24 2014 09:18 PM | Admin in Articles

Coyotes can be one of the toughest challenges for a rifleman. They are relatively small targets, they're constantly on the move, and their keen eyesight usually keeps them at a long range from the gun.

But, with these 8 tips, you'll hit more coyotes this winter.

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2014 Game Cam Review

Apr 19 2014 08:40 PM | Admin in Articles

Check out this agnostic view of all make and models Game Cams for 2014

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Leupold® BX®-1 McKenzie™ Delivers Performan...

Apr 19 2014 08:30 PM | Admin in Articles

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Leupold® introduces the BX®-1 McKenzie™ series of binoculars, which provides rugged, dependable performance at an affordable price.

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Safety Tips for Boating and Watersports

Apr 08 2014 10:14 PM | Admin in Articles

Safety Tips to keep you, your family, and your vessel safe this spring.

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2014 AIMS State Tournaments

Apr 08 2014 10:00 PM | Admin in Articles

AIMS coordinates the archery competition structure for Mississippi's public and Independent School systems through sanctioned Regional and State events events throughout the competitive season, as well as the State Championships held in Jackson Mississippi in April.

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2014 - Mississippi 3D Archery Shoot Schedule

Feb 06 2014 09:04 PM | Admin in Articles

With Deer Season winding down Statewide, time to switch those broad heads out for field points.

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How Fast Does Lime Affect pH?

Sep 04 2013 08:21 AM | Admin in Articles

Every year as deer season approaches, you hear the panicked voices of procrastinators asking, “How long does it take for lime to affect the pH in my food plots?” Reading between the lines, you know they probably didn’t pull a soil sample and have it tested months ago when they should have, so they couldn’t have ordered and applied the recommended amount of agricultural lime (aglime) to adjust the pH as needed.

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Reducing Snake Problems Around the Home

Jun 11 2013 07:57 AM | naburton in Articles

Snakes are as much a part of Mississippi life as...

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2012-2013 Mississippi Hunting Seasons and Regul...

Oct 16 2012 07:50 PM | Admin in Articles


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Rut Report Week 14

Dec 01 2011 03:05 AM | Admin in Articles

This week’s Rut Report is a bit light due to Thanksgiving and I apologize for that. The Rut is still happening and big bucks are still being tagged. Have you tagged yours yet? This is a great time of year to even get a post rut buck, and he...

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S4Gear’s LockDown—Optics Deployment System...

Dec 01 2011 03:02 AM | Admin in Articles

S4Gear is proud to announce that the LockDown Optics Deployment System has earned the award for Best Binocular Accessory of 2011 from BestBinocularReviews.com. The LockDown, recognized as having superior quality and an innovative, comfortable design,...

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Plat Maps Make Hunting Easier

Dec 01 2011 03:00 AM | Admin in Articles

How many of you own a plat map for the county you live in? My guess is not very many. Most of us who hunt public ground often purchase state land maps of the unit or state we are hunting in but they don’t always show the detail that a plat map...

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Coyotes Plus Doe Harvest Could Lead to Predator...

Nov 09 2011 05:42 AM | Admin in Articles

New research at Fort Rucker shows heavy predation of fawns. By Daryl Kirby Originally published in the November 2011 issue of AON...

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Nationwide RUT REPORT

Nov 08 2011 09:27 AM | Admin in Articles

RUT REPORT It’s the first week of November and the magic time is here or will be here quickly for most of the country. Everyone loves October, it signals the start of fall, beautiful leaves and hunting seasons. I’ve been waiting for No...

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Blind Man Goes on First Duck Hunt

Nov 07 2011 02:44 PM | Admin in Articles

Blind Man Goes on First Duck Hunt - Incrdible! A month prior to our annual group teal hunt this September, I seriously considered cancelling it. There was no end to the drought in Texas and half of the duck ponds we would’ve had to hunt...

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Montie Gear X-Rest

Nov 07 2011 05:30 AM | Admin in Articles

Montie Designs out of North Carolina has come up with a unique new product for shooters in their X-Rest series of gun rests. The various models of the X-Rest are a modular unit of three primary pieces or legs that assemble together to make a very sturd...

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2011 Palmer Home Youth Hunt, Hosted By Break-Aw...

Nov 07 2011 03:45 PM | Jay Stokes in Articles

We killed 14 deer out of the 18 hunters that attended. We had a blast and words cant describe the time the kids had. Im just going to let the pictures tell the story. We had a few that did not fire a shot and a few that killed their limit for the day....

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Covert Crossbows, What's the difference?

Nov 04 2011 02:54 AM | Admin in Articles

Crossbow hunting has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and I don’t think anyone can deny that the sport is here to stay. There are more opportunities than ever, and an increasing list of states are providing special season...

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