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#246832 My Thoughts on EddyBo

Posted by huntfish on 01 February 2014 - 12:57 PM

I can very distinctly remember the feeling I had about EddyBo before I met him.  He was a bit mythical, in that he knew so much about what I wanted to know so much about. I was just getting turned on to this idea of really learning to shoot, and reload, and have accurate rifles...and here was a guy who could not only do all that, but could make it all happen for himself...included plumbing his own rifles. I just thought that was fantastic (still do!).


I can very distinctly remember my first phone call to him.  He had offered to talk with me about making decisions about a build. I was sitting in my office and was a bit intimidated at calling him. But I did, and within minutes, the intimidation was gone. And it was on that first phone call that I got my first hint that evan larger than EddyBo's knowledge, was his tendency to give and share. I was so green...clueless in fact. But EddyBo was kind and careful and never shamed me when I talked foolishness.


I can very distinctly remember my first visit to his place.  It was a bit like walking into a dream world. Lathes, milling machines, shooting benches, reloading presses, guns, work stations, the shooting range. It was candy-land for my little mind, and still remains so.


I can very distinctly remember all the "firsts" at EddyBos place. My first bedding job with his help, my first poke at 1/2 mile with his 6BR, my first really little group at 100, my first witnessing of a barrel being chambered.


I can very distinctly remember so many phone calls when I had a question or I had messed something up and needed a bail-out. My first stuck-case in my reloading die was on Christmas eve several years ago. As usual, he answered the phone, coached my through it, and problem solved. He was my first phone call the first time my 375 showed case head separation, the first time a scope broke, the first time I blew a primer. Always kind, assuring, teaching....every time.


I can very distinctly remember the first rifle he built for me. A 6.5 WSM. Shot silly great.


Rusty said it best earlier in a conversation we were having.  He said "EddyBo was a kind of sun that many people orbited". Lots of that orbiting began around the rifle stuff, and to be sure, he was a great guy to know when it came to rifle knowledge and skill. But many of us had the great joy of orbiting a little closer....road trips, or fishing, or visiting him in the hospital, MM and I eating with he and Marty...it goes on and on. There was so much more to this big guy than rifles. He was a man who forgave; a man who tended to his family with respect and care; a man who chose the high road in business affairs; a man who made it a practice to view himself as no better than anyone else. More than any other descriptor, the one that fits EddyBo best in my opinion, is the word generous. I could learn a very great deal about generosity simply remembering his generosity toward me.


Sadly, I can very distinctly remember my last conversation with EddyBo.  It was this last Tuesday, just after lunch.  Lasted about 25 minutes. We talked very little, if at all about rifles. Thankfully, he knew so much about rifles. But more so, I'm thankful that my friendship with him went beyond shooting. It's the "beyond shooting" part of EddyBo that will be most endearingly remembered. I will miss very much, our exceedingly generous friend, EddyBo.


Posted by Admin on 31 January 2014 - 04:37 PM

In honor of the Greatest Gun builder, and Greatest Gun Smith, the MOF Gun Board will forever hold his name on it. "EddyBo's Corner"


Posted by RT8 on 31 January 2014 - 04:04 PM

I stopped by to see him just 11 days ago. He'd been battling his chronic back pain again recently, and taking some pretty stout meds to help. He really wasn't up to it, but that didn't stop him from us walking through his shop for him to let me drool on that new 458 Lott, then walk into his reloading room (which, btw, has more supplies than any "store" any of y'all have ever been in) where he sat down and we talked about ARs, 22s, buffalo hunting, pissing in corn piles, and other random topics before the pain caught up to him and he had to go get back in the recliner.  He talked a lot of shit here, yanked a lot of strings, and fed a lot of trolls...but I don't know that I've ever met anyone with a more generous heart.  He will most certainly be missed.

#281793 Younger Brother 1st Deer Ever

Posted by StarvationEnder on 22 December 2014 - 11:05 AM

This is a pic of my younger Brother who killed his 1st deer ever, and who would believe, it would be this big buck!!!! This is his 2nd season hunting, and I'm sooo proud of him. He wanted to bow hunt, so i got him a bow last year, and he stuck with it. But he couldn't seal the deal. I convinced him to take my 30-06 hunting last week, and the next day - Friday (Dec. 19) he called me at 3:30 letting me know he had a buck. Congrats to my lil Bro!!!

Younger Brother 1st Deer Ever (Pic 1)

Younger Brother 1st Deer Ever (Pic 2)


Posted by MACDADDY on 31 January 2014 - 09:43 PM

I loved Eddybo like a brother, we met on these message boards years ago and became great friends ... I met him in person the first time at a forum gathering ... July, two years ago he hired me to go to work for a safety company that he's partners in. every time I'd bitch about how bad the catfish business was he'd offer me the job. When I was hired Eddybo and I drove a Truck up to North Dakota, on the 1,800 mile trip we talked about everything under the sun including faith ... Eddybo was a Godly man with a heart pure as gold and as big as Texas, it's no doubt in my mind that Eddybo is in heaven now.


       until we meet again Big Man, your friend MACDADDY  B)

#282662 Molly Kate killed her 2nd deer today!

Posted by Trudy.Blue on 11 January 2015 - 03:55 PM

Killed it in Madison County this morning right after daylight. She didn't ever get to finish her biscuit before he came out. Walked across the pond dam, came within 60 yards and turned broadside without a care in the world. We've been watching him run after a doe for two days. She killed him with my .270 :)





#281353 Thank you

Posted by RIVER BOAT JOE on 11 December 2014 - 10:47 AM

Just want to say thank you Rt8. Guys I have never meet Rt8 and when a stranger was in a bind he came through . I bought a gun you can't find ammo for right now. And Rt8 just sent and gave me ammo. I am glad there are people out here willing to help out a stranger. All he asked is to help out someone and I have kept my word. Also want to thank the BOSS ( administrator) of this site. If not for This forum I would not be shooting my 35. This is what it's about Thank you


Posted by Dick Cox on 21 January 2014 - 07:08 AM

For a young man that just turned 6 last month, my son has been putting in some long hours in the woods this year. Well yesterday, it all came together for him! We got in the ground blind on a big wheat field about 3:00 p.m. and waited. We wasn't seeing any deer, and I was getting worried that he was going to have to wait till next year to get his first deer, he has had ample oppertunitys to shoot does, but he said he wanted his first to be a buck, so a spike was in trouble if it came out! Well about 5:15 our first deer of the hunt came out and just by luck, it was a 11pt all by himself. The buck came out and started eating, and feeding our way, so I took his Ruger M77 MII 7.62x39 and set it up on the shooting rail for him, and said get on it, and see if you can find him in the scope. When he said he could see him, I bleated at the buck and he stopped for about 3 seconds and started walking again, again I bleated and he stopped again for about 3 seconds and started walking again. I told my son to stay on him and when he stops again try to be on him and shoot,  so I bleated AGAIN, and the buck stops AGAIN, and as soon as he stopped, my son dropped the hammer on him with a perfect shot through the shoulder at about 50-60 yds! Needless to say there were a bunch of high 5's, big hugs, and a few knuckel bumps, before we went to inspect what he had shot. When we get to him, my son was so happy to find that his first deer ever was a nice 11 point buck!






Posted by Mojo on 31 January 2014 - 04:57 PM

Please bow your head:


Lord Jesus, you are the master of life and death. You said, “I am the resurrection and the life,” and this afternoon we believe this with all our hearts. And, Lord, you know far more than we do what death is all about. So we come to you in our pain and in our sadness. Draw near, O Lord, for we desperately need your help.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us. Have mercy on our friends. Have mercy on the whole family. You have promised to be near to the broken-hearted. Come near, O Lord, come near because we need you so much. Grant the wisdom they need to think clearly about the decisions that must be made this evening and for the days to come. Help them to rest in you. We thank you that heaven is a real place and that when you said, “Today you will be with me in paradise,” you were speaking to all of us who believe in you. Today those words came true for our beloved friend EDDYBO. Thank you that he is finally home, safe at last, where no pain or sickness or sadness can touch him any longer.

We are the ones in need this Evening. Help us because we are your children. Help us so that our faith will not fail. Help us so that we may somehow bring glory to you.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

#246455 Your hunting 'bucket list'

Posted by EDDYB0 on 31 January 2014 - 05:28 AM

A big horn sheep is so out of reach for me it will never happen.  The rest of it not really a bucket list, I could die tomorrow without any regret that I have yet to go to africa, or new zealand, or argentina.

#286202 Had to post!

Posted by kjb on 09 April 2015 - 01:52 PM



I wasn't going to post any kill pics this year, prolly ain't gonna kill any anyway, but I couldn't pass this up! I am pretty selfish when it comes to turkey hunting. It's a one man's game, right? Finally got a chance to carry my daughter, let her skip school! This was her first turkey hunt and she did exactly what she was supposed to do! In the midst of a biblical swarm of swamp skeeters, she held her cool, let him get the necessary 25 step distance, and when he came out of strut, she unloaded that 20 guage 3" magnum blend right upside his head! She told me that she understood why I loved to turkey hunt so much now! I told her that it doesn't happen like that everytime! He gobbled good, had to play the silent game with him, and he strutted and drummed in front of us before I let out a sweet little yelp to pick his head up away from that breast! A great public land hunt! I told her that I could now change the screen saver on my phone from the nice 8 pt buck I put her on at Yazoo Wildlife the year before last, to this photo right here! I'm just absolutely stoked!

#248117 We laid EB to rest today.....

Posted by Rustyculley on 06 February 2014 - 06:13 PM

In a flurry of snow, in an almost surreal weather event we laid our brother to rest today. It was bitter cold. The wind blew and folks huddled under the tent as best they could. But even as we tried in vain to escape the cold, the harsh biting reality of the occasion gnawed at us like the winter wind. How appropriate, I thought, for a most remarkable fellow to have his life's journey punctuated by such raw, elemental conditions. The funeral service was touching. The friends and family there were celebrant more than remorseful. There will be time for mourning for them and us, but today we celebrated a life that touched so many. I'm happy about that. I'm happy that HF and Snapper and KenACP and DoubleGobble were there. I'm happy that I could share in Marty's pain, even in such a small way. I'm happy that I got to see folks that live only minutes away, yet seem worlds apart sometimes. Overall, it was a spectacular day. Sad at times, but not without laughter. Not a day I would want to repeat anytime soon, but an occasion that I wouldn't have wanted to miss for the world. For those that wanted to come but couldn't, I'm sure the family understands. I do. For those that made donations in EB's name, I thank you on his family's behalf. For those that said a prayer for Marty and those left behind, thank you and don't stop. Their toughest days are ahead. And to the MOF brotherhood, thanks fellas for all the kind words and thoughts. It would appear that of all his talents, Eddy was an excellent judge of character. After all, he hung around with an outstanding bunch of characters. I'm glad I was one of them.

#246833 Molly's First Deer

Posted by huntfish on 01 February 2014 - 01:25 PM

In the midst of bad news yesterday afternoon, my 9yo, Molly, killed her first deer. It was her first hunt and she did great. I wasn't touching the rifle. She was most concerned with the deer "not suffering". We could all learn from her attitude.

80 yards, with a 6x45 (.223 necked up to .243), 80 TTSX, and a Leupold 6x42. Couldn't have been shot in a more perfect spot. See pic. She did great. Ran about 60 yards and expired. Just great fun.

And yes, she's wearing pearls. Lol.




Posted by Dick Cox on 13 January 2014 - 10:23 AM

I had a GREAT time at the Woods, Wheels, & Waters... Wounded Warrior Hunt!!
Day 1... Friday afternoon I met up with a fine young man, his father, and videographer and was able to get in the woods for an afternoon hunt. About 4:30 deer started filtering into the field, and about 5:30 the young man decided he wanted some meat to take home with him, and he adjusted his tri-pod that held his rifle, and said he was ready. He pulled the trigger and the big doe sat back, and regained her feet and run about 50 yds and fell over. With it being almost dark, when he pulled the trigger, I didn't know if anyone else seen the deers reaction, I said "you got her good" and the first words out of his mouth was "#### YEA!!!"...to say he was excited seemed to be an understatment! :D So we got out of the blind, and made our way to his deer, when we got there, we found that he had made a PERFECT shot on her at about 150 yds B) !

Day 2(Morning Hunt)...I may have cost him a buck Sat morning. I said something about hunting the hardwood bottoms for the morning hunt, and he went along with my suggestion. We made our way, 1,100 yds across the wet wheat field to the river bottom hardwoods, and got there & set up just in time to catch first light. From daylight till about 9:30, we didnt see a deer. Well about 9:45 or so, I looked across the field from where we was, and seen a real nice buck. We watched him for 30-45 mins. and just our luck, he fed along, and ended walking right in front of the blind, that we had hunted the afternoon before :( Well after watching the buck leave the field, we made our way back across the muddy field. This is a picture of him in his chair, that made it possable to get him 1,100 yds across the muddy field, and the camera man. This being a small world, after talking to the young man about his track-chair, I found out that a event in S. Louisiana made it possable for him to have this chair...and the big suprise was he said the event was "Swoll Fest" which is an event that our very on ADMIN. & MOJO help put on every year for charity!! ;) THANKS GUYS!!

When we got back to the trucks, we were all hungry. So we loaded up and went to meet the other hunters at a landowners property, where Mr. Randy Wallace had prepaired a friggin feast for all of us...Randy, the food was AWESOME...THANK YOU!! We ate(too much) and visited a little while before heading back for an afternoon hunt!! While at lunch, one of the organizers of the event, can to me and ask if I had a place I could put another Wounded Warrior, and of course I did(there is always room for one more American Hero) and to my suprise again...it was a MOF member...bucknbeards!

Day 2(afternoon hunt)....We get to the property around 3 pm and I am able to get bucknbeards set up in a 2 man ladder stand where I thought for sure he would see some deer, and I head back out to help get the other young man set up. Well while Mr Randy(the cameraman) & his dad was getting him set up, here come 3 deer out into the field, and we had to scare them off, so we could finish setting up. Here is what the set up looked like, we used a High-Boy spray rig as part of our makshift blind, and it worked out great :D

About 45 mins before dark, the deer start coming back into the field, it must have been 8-10 deer in front of us, when a nice 8pt finally came into the field. The young man got set up and ready to shoot, when 2 doe stepped inbetween the buck and shooter :(, well the buck took a few steps and cleared the does. The young man re-adjusted, and about the time he was ready to shoot, the dang buck took a couple more steps. This happened a couple more times, but the young man was never able to get a shot off on the buck, and it got dark on us. So I got ready and was going back to pick up bucknbeards, with the hope of him at least seeing some deer. Well when I got to him, I was suprised that he hadnt seen a single deer :( on a stand that I thought for sure would produce a deer! Now on a brighter note, we were all leaving the woods knowing we were headed to get a great steak supper!! B) :P :D

Now that I think back about this weekend, and how things come together, I think it is GREAT that Mississippi Outdoors Forums members played such a big part in this hunt...From Randy Wallace doing a great job cooking a fine meal for our lunch....Mojo, Admin. and "SWOLL FEST" helped this young man get a trac-chair so he could still enjoy the outdoors.... and bucksnbeards is a true American Hero who is also a MOF member...Even though the weather wasn't the best, GOD sure showed us that he is with us, and gave us the oppertunity to have seen deer, and enjoy his creation!!!

#172144 Want to share good news

Posted by Digger on 25 January 2013 - 02:47 PM

In early 2008 my son, almost 23 at the time went to Tupelo to by an engagement ring for his girlfriend. He started hurting and ended up at the ER. His appendix had almost erupted and they quickly removed it before me or his mother could get there. A week later he went back for a checkup and was told they had found colon cancer and again quickly removed six inches of his colon and six inches of his small intestine. He's now 28 and had a five year scan this morning and the Dr said it is now as though he never had cancer. He's a good Christian and knows who to credit with this.

He has a beautiful wife and gave me two of the most rambunctious but well behaved grandsons a man could have. God is good. 

#282492 Daughter gets her 1st deer

Posted by LeeRow on 07 January 2015 - 08:13 AM

My 7 year old killed her first deer the first weekend of the anterless season.  I was one proud poppa to say the least.  Killed her at 78 yds with a .243 handi rifle.  Kinda late posting but better late then never.





#278407 The Special Family of MOF Members

Posted by Big Kahuna on 28 October 2014 - 07:39 AM

As I try to catch up on the various topics of today, I can't help but to think of just how lucky and blessed I am to have friends on this forum!  I pray for those who are ill, such as MACDADDY, those who are going through trying and difficult times like DannyT with his mother, and those whom we've lost this year like EDDYBO!


With all that said, I always say little prayers for those who are about to take to the roads and highways traveling to hunitng camps-both inside and outside the state.  That the Good Lord look over each one and their families while traveling and hunting, and keep them safe from harm and injury.


Having experienced almost the same thing MACDADDY's going through right now, I go back and remember the pain and the uncertainty for both myself and my family if I would make it back home!  I know that this sounds weird and out there, but it causes one pause, to realize just how many friends you have when an illness or tragedy strikes!


We often engage in some "spirited debates" from time to time, but to everyone here on MOF, I'd like to personally thank each of you guys and gals for the friendship, ideas and thoughts each of you have sent my way.  With that, I'd like to thank each of you for the kindness and friendship you've shown me!  And above all, please keep our fellow members and their families in your thoughts and prayers who are going through trying and difficult times right now!  Be safe this hunting season and good luck!



#274968 Green Jeans Wants To Know

Posted by Admin on 12 September 2014 - 09:47 AM

Sorry guys. I gave ole GJ 92 chances to make it around here, and he refused to step up. he is not welcomed back on this site, and I hate to say and act that way, but he turned a lot of people off and made us take 3 steps backwards.

#259528 "White Pride"?

Posted by MD-Morrison on 04 April 2014 - 02:25 PM

Pride in anything, including your race, religion, ethnicity, etc. can be either absolute, relative, and certainly even both.  The question that Rebs apparently copied from elsewhere was loaded from the get-go as it expressly conditioned "acceptance" of any answer on the total absence of any value judgments made in a relative manner, i.e., in relation to another race.  So, in a word, the question was BullChit from the beginning.  Consistent with this same biased thinking was Reb's retort to BK's reply; simply put, "if it don't resonate with my personal beliefs, it can't possibly be a worthy response...."


I tend to agree with the original tenor of this thread.  I find it rather offensive that merely mentioning, much less rejoicing or taking pride in, many aspects of traditional white, anglo-saxon Protestant male culture in this country often leads to unfair accusations of racism, etc.


I feel that it is my right and privilege to be proud of my ancestors and their accomplishments, just as much as I'm bound to recognize their failures and shortcomings.  Blessed with the 20/20 hindsight of history, I wouldn't trade my race and gender for  that of any other as the facts of history, both good and bad, lead me to conclude that on balance I've been greatly blessed in that regard.  Am I a white American male because of anything that I can personally take credit for?  Hell no.  Race and gender are a few of the things in this world we can't change.  Do I think that others, who are not white men, are not entitled to fair and just treatment simply because they are different?  Absolutely not!  I take each person as I come to them in my life.  If they share in my core values, seek to do me no harm, and strive to make the best of what God has afforded them, then they are my fellow brothers and sisters put here on this earth by something far greater than me, and it darn sure ain't my place to judge them as lesser humans.


Call it arrogance......call it prejudice..........you might even call it racism.........in the end, I call it self-esteem and pride, grounded in centuries of human experience, that will never, ever allow me to be apologetic or ashamed of who I am, where I am, and how I got here.


Plain enough, Rebs?

#246713 Eddy Bo - Called home today...

Posted by DoubleGobble00 on 31 January 2014 - 04:40 PM

I regret to inform y'all but my cousin, friend, and shooting mentor passed away today. They believe it was a heart attack. I dont have full details but the Lord saw fit to call him home. Please be in prayer for his wife and family. The man had the most generous disposition and biggest heart i knew. Till we meet again cuz...

I don't know any of the arrangements but will let you know.


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